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GameTyrant Audio:
5 Timeless Video Game Soundtrack Gems: Part 2

As we continue on in our grand journey of games nostalgia, this episode of GameTyrant Audio highlights 5 video game music classics. Perhaps you have heard them and have attached your own memory and experience, in which case, holler at me with a post! Perhaps this will be your first time encountering these works of pure mastery, and to you I say that I am honored to make the introduction! 

Some people have profound experiences in their lives that change the very core of the person they perceive themselves to be. A song will attach to those moments in life, forever leaving an imprint that will dictate their choices in the form of revelation and inspiration. Such a life-changing event happened to me as a young teenager, in my very first epic battle with a giant singing turd monster in Conker’s Bad Fur Day

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