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GameTyrant Audio:
A Rapture Retrospective—Revisiting The Classically Horrifying Sounds of BIOSHOCK

Some of us picked up BioShock for the first time on the Xbox 360, waiting to experience a fairly decent looking horror adventure without having any idea just how deep this descent into madness was bound to go. I was one such person even after being convinced to purchase it on day 1 of its release back in August 2007. By the time the game was over, I was awe struck at just how much more I got for my money.


Within the first two minutes of the adventure of BioShock, I knew I was in for an adventure that would not only pique my curiosity in exploring this art-deco stylized metropolis on the bottom of the sea, but would also challenge my concepts of morality and philosophy. As the world of Rapture became the living result of Andrew Ryan’s worldview, you eventually put the pieces together on how such a utopia can erode into a chaotic display of human evolution gone extremely wrong.


Join GameTyrant Audio on this journey to the bottom of the sea to hear how the music of Garry Schyman set the classic and incomparable tone of BioShock, solidifying the game as one of the most thought provoking and fear inducing horror stories ever told!

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