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Bross is Boss: RATCHET & CLANK, COUNTER STRIKE, and ODDWORLD's Composer Talks with GT Audio

Do you want to work in games? Does the very idea of working on awesome franchises like Ratchet & Clank, Counter Strike, and Oddworld sound way better than digging ditches or spinning signs? We think so! Michael Bross talks about his twenty year career in games music and what kind of work and dedication has gone into creating the sonic landscapes of some of the greatest games in history.

Michael Bross with engineer Jesse Nichols

Michael Bross with engineer Jesse Nichols

Along with this in-depth conversation about working in the games industry and keeping fresh with its quickly evolving nature, we shine The Kickstarter Spotlight on Masquerada: Songs and Shadows by Witching Hour Studios. Before that, a soulful, passionate explanation about the missing Monthly Wrap-Up episode. 

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This show used to sound pretty whack, but has been improved drastically because of the professional audio tools from these fine folks:

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