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PodTyrant Presents:
Cosmic Treadmill: Ep. 27 — Flash Vol. 2 #0

The Cosmic Treadmill Podcast is a special side quest to the wildly popular Weird Science DC Comics Podcast!  Each episode features a listener-requested episode; this time around the guys review Flash #0 from 1994!  For more on their shows and content, visit them over at http://www.weirdsciencedccomics.com/ or @WeirdScienceDC on Twitter!

Now, PodTyrant Presents

"Join us on another Crisis-inspired jaunt through speedster history when Chris (@AceComics) and Reggie (@reggiereggie) read Flash vol. 2 #0 by Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo! After some biographical details about the creative team, we delve into the issue proper and discover the truth about what inspired Wally West to become the Flash! Then, after some notable quotables from Mr. Waid himself, Chris and Reggie talk about legacy characters in comic books--what they think about them and why publishers never seem to let them stick around! It's a wild romp of an episode that will take you all over the...time!" - Weird Science DC

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