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GameTyrant Audio:
DOOM Closed Beta Multiplayer: As Above, AWESOME Below

Bethesda and id opened the gates tot the DOOM Multiplayer Closed Beta this weekend and my thoughts are many though mostly consumed by excitement over how the rest of this new installment in this juggernaut of a franchise will pan out. With how addictive and quickly paced this multiplayer is shaping up at this stage, my hopes are very high.

In this podcast I discuss the pros and cons. I spent enough hours to meet the level cap, plus I finally didn’t completely suck at team deathmatch for the first time in ages. Something about the fluidity of gameplay and lack of real connection issues despite my low grade internet connection had me very impressed that I rarely ran into any hiccups.

Have they shown us the evil omen of awesomeness for DOOM’s future that we have been hoping for all these years? Will it bring something to gaming that will pay tribute to veteran fans as well as newcomers? I’ll go into those details in this episode of GameTyrant Audio. 


Side note: let it be noted that taking control of The Revenant was one of the most adrenaline inducing online experiences I’ve had in years as I launched missile after missile, obliterating foes, all while flying through the air, as he let out a demonic war ry that let you know that the bitch was most definitely back. Hats off for this surprisingly exciting gameplay feature among many!

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