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Not Just New Movies:
Ep. 107 — The Crow

This month, the NJNM crew swoops into the dark and dank streets of the 1994 cult classic THE CROW, directed by Alex Proyas and starring Brandon Lee.

00:30 Introduction
02:20 Coming This Month
07:47 Review of the Month - The Crow
43:30 The Not Just Pneumatic Movie Tube Reveals Next Month’s Movie - Robinson Crusoe on Mars

45:00 Twitter Poll - Who would you choose as your emo high school sidekick?

  1. The Phantom?
  2. The Mask?
  3. The Crow?
  4. The Shadow?

47:00 Listener Voicemails and E-mails
48:15 Where to Find Us
49:55 Goodbye

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