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Not Just New Movies:
Ep. 113 — Quick Change

This month, shenigans ensue when Bill Murray and Geena Davis rob a bank and try to escape the grip of New York City in Howard Franklin & Bill Murray's QUICK CHANGE!  Also, this is the last episode in Season 2.0 of the Not Just New Movies Podcast; we've enjoyed the ride so far and see you soon in Season 3.0!

00:30 Introduction
01:45 Just New Movies
03:45 The T Spot
04:55 Review of the Month - Quick Change
23:25 Hiatus Announcement

26:50 Twitter Poll - Greatest Bill Murray Flick - Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, Quick Change, or The Man Who Knew Too Little

28:22 Where to Find Us
30:35 Goodbye

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