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Ep. 2.2 — Kafka's Metamorphosis: Title and Collecting Talk

In this episode we discuss the origins of the title, taking an ill-advised detour into the dark woods of fairy tale tradition. Kafka's Metamorphosis title fits neatly into the macabre realism of German tales. Don't worry, though. Most of what we say can be disregarded for the ultimate fairy tale truth: it's all one incestuous pool of shared human psychology.

We also try to brainstorm what classic European work Bob Dylan would have translated into English, and then JP brings up the Nazis. Again.

Collecting Kafka's Metamorphosis

This is the episode where we tell you how a single line of print makes the difference between a $2,500 first edition and a $5,000 first edition. If you're on the lookout for a copy, you may want to stick around and listen to this one.

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