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Tyrant Nation Podcast:
Ep. 24 — Our E3 Predictions!

The biggest gaming show of the year! We talk about all things E3, including our predictions about what could be revealed! 

*We are combining our two shows (news and topic) into one BIG show! And it will be LIVE!! Stay tuned to our Twitter (@TyrantNationPod) so you can be apart of our live show! It begins June 15th, 2016 at 11 AM PST! We will be on Twitch and possibly YouTube and Facebook! Once the episode is complete, a podcast will be made of it, so don't worry if you didn't tune in live. Also, the video version will be archived online as well! Be sure to check it out on Wednesdays every week! Now you can really see how gorgeous and lovely Luke is. TNP!*

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