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Cinematic Sound Radio:
Ep. 30 — 20TH Anniversary Special Part II

Welcome to part 2 of my two-part countdown of my ten favourite scores of all time.  Back in September, I featured my first 5 favourite scores.  If you haven’t listened to that program yet then I highly recommend to click HERE and listen to that show first before diving into this one.

On the program today, you will hear selections 5 through to 1.  Just like our last show, you will hear recorded messages from loyal listeners and I will also read emails from long time and new CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO listeners who wanted to offer their thoughts on the twentieth anniversary of the show.

I will also discuss in length why renting BetaMax/VHS machines was a huge influence on me in the 80’s. Why one of the biggest flops of all time is actually a fun, entertaining picture. Why watching a classic movie trilogy backward triggered my imagination. And how playing one particular CD on my radio show led to a fruitful relationship with a future Academy Award winning composer.

You hear all of that as well as another honorable mention featuring a classic score from a long lost Hollywood legend.

And of course, we begin the program off with David Coscina’s fabulous 20th-anniversary variation of the CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO fanfare and theme.

Next week we return to our regular schedule but until then please enjoy this close to three-hour program featuring what I consider to be the greatest scores of all time!

Thanks for tuning in! And as always, I would love to read your feedback and get your suggestions on how I can make this particular show better. I’m also encouraging requests for this show. So, if there is something you want to hear please let me know. Send an EMAIL with your name and what track you want to hear.

The show is now produced in Kitchener, Ontario and is syndicated on WROCK Radio and PodTyrant.

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