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Ep. 3.2 — Wild Sheep Chase Summary in Two Minutes

Listen to JP summarize the plot of Wild Sheep Chase in under two minutes. And because he’s simplified a 300-page book into less than two minutes, we have a few redactions:

-The two-minute summary is actually 1:53. Getting so close. Just kidding, we don’t care.
-This summary also contains both a shortened intro and shortened outro for the first time, thanks to someone’s sarcastic comment in our last two-minute summary.
-The sheep is unnamed, but it’s not like sheep are routinely named in Japan. Names that we would give a sheep in Japan include: Furafii, shiro, jiji-kun, Daimyou Sheepiton, and Suupaa Saiya Wool Pants. It’s the breed of the sheep that’s unknown in the novel.
-The story takes place in the late 1970s, but it was written around 1982. So names wouldn’t have been terribly important in Japanese storytelling in the early eighties, not the late seventies.
-Names were important in Japanese storytelling and Murakami’s novels in the seventies and eighties. Withholding names and issuing weird nicknames is done on purpose.
-Techincally “nom” should be pronounced more like “gnome” because it’s a French loan word. But we’ve already covered the pronunciation minefield in 3.1.
-“Probably magical paramour” should read “definitely magical paramour.”
-The protagonist and his girlfriend have no intentions of hunkering down for a winter in Hokkaido. They’re trying to wrap up the investigation and get back down the mountain before the snows trap them in the abandoned house.
-His girlfriend leaves the house of her own accord. But no one likes abandonment, so mysteriously “disappears” it is.
-“Rats” should read “Rat.”
-The abandoned house is Michael Bay-ed on the way out of Junitaki Town, not the entire northern island of Hokkaido.
-Even if you had a large sum of money, I don’t know if you could have easily invested in Pokémon in 1995.
-The “substantial monetary reward” was just enough to buy J’s Bar, apparently. The real value being offered to the protagonist was the promised business connections for his advertising firm. Which his partner closes while he’s off in Hokkaido.

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