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Cinematic Sound Radio:
Ep. 37 — CSR's Favorite Scores of 2016 | Part 2

On today’s episode, we will conclude our TOP 20 FAVOURITES SCORES OF 2016 program with the remaining ten scores on our list.

This second and final part of our countdown celebrates selections 10 through to 1 featuring the music of Laurent Perez Del Mar, Michael Giacchino, Benny Oschmann, Daniel Hart, Christopher Young, Marco Beltrami, Bear McCreary, Alexander Cimini, Andy Hull, Robert McDowell and Panu Aaltio. This is another hefty 3-hour plus show.

What did you think of the final list? Did I miss anything? Please feel free to contact me or write in the comments section below with scores that I might have left off the list.

With that, enjoy the countdown!

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