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Cinematic Sound Radio:
Ep. 44 — Top 10 Scores of 1996 | Part 1

Every year, CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO presents a year-end countdown of the best new film, TV and video game scores written that year. However, there was one year where I did not produce a year-end countdown and that was the very first year of the program back in 1996. The show had only been on the air for four months and I still only had roughly 60-70 albums in my collection and next to none released in 1996. Therefore, it was difficult for me to compile and present a definite… or at least an educated best of 1996 list at the time.

Skip ahead 20 years, I now own an enormous collection of 1996 released and I think now is the time to right a wrong as I present for you, for the very first time on CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO, my top 10 scores of 1996.

The program today is part one of two as you will hear selections from albums 10 through to 6 as well as one honourable mention featuring music composed by Jerry Goldsmith, David Newman, Mark Mancina, Mark Isham, Nick-Glennie Smith, Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson-Williams. Two weeks from now I’ll conclude the program with selections 5-1 along with another honourable mention.

So with that… on with the show!

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