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Cinematic Sound Radio:
Ep. 48 — Re-Recording James Horner

Over the past few years, we hear at CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO have been paying our respects to two-time Academy Award winning composer James Horner with various radio specials including a four hour plus special produced a few days after his death. We also produced a two-part series last year featuring some of his lesser known film scores. Jason Drury has also been producing an epic three-part radio documentary in Horner’s honour. The third and final part of that program is scheduled to be released next week.

James Horner was part of a holy trinity of film composers I grew up with admiring. The others were John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith. Those three brought me into the world of film music with their timeless and classic scores and made me a fan of this art form for life.

Today’s program is dedicated to re-recorded James Horner music. Fans of the show know of my love for re-recordings or new recordings of previously existing scores so I thought this would be a unique way to mark the 2nd anniversary of James Horner’s passing. Today’s program will include performances by The City of Prague Philharmonic, The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, The Boston Pops Orchestra, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. Solo performers include flutist Sara Andon, pianist Jean-Michel Bernard, pianist Dan Redfeld, and violinist Mari Samuelsen. Conductors include Nic Raine, John Scott, John Williams, Erich Kunzel, David Arnold, Joel McNeely and John Debney.

Please enjoy the show and I would love to read your thoughts about James Horner in the comments section below.

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