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Bad Wolf Radio:
Ep. 57 — Hello River!

It's an extra long episode of Bad Wolf Radio including the full audio from the Arthur Darvill/Alex Kingston panel at Dragon Con 2016!

- One Pond short. Aaron recaps his time at Dragon Con 2016.
- The Doctor takes Manhattan. We talk about the Doctor Who celebrities attending New York Comic Con and what panels you can see them on
- Jedi Time Lord. Tom Baker will be voicing a character on the popular animated series Star Wars Rebels and we have a clip.
- Second thoughts. Does Christopher Eccleston regret now staying on for another season of Doctor Who?
- Gatiss approved. The popular Doctor Who writer has given his thumbs up to the upcoming Christmas Special script. But does that make us feel good or bad?
- This again. John Barrowman is returning to Doctor Who.. kind of.
- Back to the Classics. The Second Doctor's first adventure is going to be seen for the first time in animated form. We are pretty excited about this.
- Dragon Con audio. Stick around after the credits for the full audio from the Dragon Con 2016 panel featuring Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston

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