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Why Am I Laughing?:
Ep. 7 — Why is Napoleon Dynamite Funny?

This week on Why Am I Laughing, Ben and RJ talk about the independent film turned cultural phenomenon, Napoleon Dynamite. So put on your roller blades and get pulled into Preston, Idaho for the driest, squintiest, freakin' sweetest film around.

1:00 - Netflix: Demitri Martin Live (At the Time) - Netflix adds $800 in debt
5:50 - Box Office: Director Tim Miller drops out of Deadpool Sequel, Tarantino petitioned - Space Jam 20th anniversary theatre screenings

10:25 - Napoleon Dynamite (A Brief History)
13:55 - Why is Napoleon Dynamite Funny?

43:20 - Ben’s Wacky Facts

48:55 - #WAILMAILoftheWeek

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