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Comics on Consoles:
Issue #7 — X-Men Legends

 Comics on Consoles returns for issue #7, where the show takes its very first journey to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters by diving into the hit 2004 action RPG X-Men Legends.

By giving listeners a concise and comprehensive history lesson in regards to the X-Men in comics, film, and video games, host Chris Clow then dives head-on into one of the most highly-regarded comics-based games of the entire sixth generation of consoles. Why is it so well-regarded, though? Does it represent the X-Men well? Is the gameplay memorable? Find out in issue #7 by listening now!

Plus, Chris announces the subject of issue #8, as well as a release window for issue #9!

Music by BenSound.com. X-Men film theme composed by John Ottman.

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