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Cinematic Sound Radio:

On episode nine of CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO we will be playing music from four brand new scores. You’ll hear selections from THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER’S WAR by James Newton Howard. Rachel Portman’s inspiring score to RACE and Edward Shearmur’s groovy music for ELVIS & NIXON will also be featured.  Plus, Jason Graves’ new score to FAR CRY PRIMAL will be our video game score of the week.

Our John Williams album of the week is one of his earliest gems, HEIDI released in 1968. We open the film music vault and pull out Bronislau Kaper’s fabulous swashbuckling adventure score to QUENTIN DURWARD released in 1955.. Our re-recording of the week is dedicated to the late Henry Mancini whose birthday would have been on April 16th.  We’ll hear selections from two Cincinnati Pops Orchestra albums featuring conductor Erich Kunzel; MANCINI’s GREATEST HIT and STAR TRACKS II featuring music from THE PINK PANTHER, THE WHITE DAWN and LIFEFORCE.

And we’ll end the program with a special tribute to the music of Prince, who passed away on April 21st. We’ll play “Batdance” from his 1989 album inspired by the film BATMAN.  We’ll also hear music from the last ever Academy Award winning song score, PURPLE RAIN. We’ll play the title song from that album to end off the program.

PLAYLIST • THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER’S WAR (Howard) • HEIDI (Williams) • QUENTIN DURWARD (Kaper) • RACE (Portman) • ELVIS & NIXON (Shearmur) • FAR CRY PRIMAL (Graves) • THE PINK PANTHER / THE WHITE DAWN / LIFEFORCE (Mancini) • BATMAN “Batdance” (Prince) • PURPLE RAIN “Purple Rain” (Prince)

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