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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with The Greatest Video Game Composer Of ALL TIME

Kicking off the month of April, we never could’ve anticipated such an opportunity here at GameTyrant, much less that I would be lucky enough to be the one to speak with video game history’s most celebrated composer. When you look back at any game you’ve ever played, you’d be hard pressed to find one soundtrack that hasn’t somehow been inspired by this legendary and universally revered artist.

“Every time I feel that Impostor Syndrome coming on and I know it’s a blatant copy of his work,” says composer Chad Ludwig (Bad Dudes 4, Duck Hunt: The Reckoning), “I take a deep breath and realize it’s not a matter of ripping off his style, it’s actually his very essence flowing through me like a cosmic revelation of musical creation.” 


Video Games Live has denied any possibility of future performances of his arrangements despite multiple requests from millions of fans worldwide, claiming, “Only he could be worthy as conductor in a live performance, but he never answers his emails or phone calls. Like, ever.”

Without any further ado, I’m pleased to present the very pinnacle of my work as a games journalist and host of GameTyrant Audio. An opportunity like this may never come around again, and I’d be astronomically remiss to pass up this chance. 

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