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Not Just New Movies:
NJNM Rewind: Timecop (Guest: Eric D. Snider)

Since The Not Just New Movies podcast is now monthly instead of weekly, we'll occasionally be sharing older episodes of show under the title "NJNM Rewind" to make sure PodTyrant listeners don't miss out on the 100+ episodes we did before PodTyrant existed.

In this episode, Ben and Tyler are joined by Eric D. Snider (from Film.com) to discuss Peter Hyams' 1994 film, Timecop.

Character Name Game Intro - 1:41

Media Consumed
Jack the Giant Killer - 2:45
"Conan The Adventurer" - 3:10
Silver Surfer comics - 5:50

"The Wire" - 9:48

"Breaking Bad" - 11:53
The Shit Show - 13:05

Timecop - 17:55

Next Week: Tombstone - 51:21
Listener Voicemail/E-mail/Twitter - 51:54
Character Name Game - 55:45
Up My Queue - 58:40
Where You Can Find Us - 1:02:59

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