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PodTyrant Presents:
The Last Ovation: Ep. 3 — Brad Renfro

Today, we're featuring an episode of a podcast called The Last Ovation, hosted by Melissa Thurman. The Last Ovation Podcast presents short stories on various celebrities and discusses their lives, and tragic deaths. Ranging from Hollywood Classics to current Mega-Stars, The Last Ovation honors those who have impacted our lives through entertainment, song, and dance.

Today's episode focuses on actor Brad Renfro. Renfro led a troubled life steeped in drugs and alcohol. Dead at the age of 25, he left behind an army of friends and family struggling to cope with his loss.

Find more episodes of the show and more information at the links below.

Webpage: http://thelastovation.libsyn.com/
Twitter: @TheLastOvation
Facebook: The Last Ovation Podcast
Find them on Soundcloud!

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