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Cinematic Sound Radio:
Top 10 Rejected or Unused Tracks

Welcome back to the CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO TOP 10. Last week’s inaugural episode was such a success that I’m proud to announce that this will be a new weekly program as I take you on a journey through my film music collection playing single tracks that fit a particular theme. If you have a suggestion for a future Top 10 episode please email me or send me a Tweet with suggestions.

This week’s theme comes from Jason Drury, who wanted to hear my Top 10 favourite rejected scores. That’s a great topic but I’ll save that for a much longer episode. Instead, I decided to play tracks that were either rejected, replaced or were simply unused for whatever reason.

On the program today, you will hear music from such composers as John Williams, Dave Grusin, Danny Elfman, Georges Delerue and much more.

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